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Travly empowers commuters by becoming a one stop shop for all your travel needs. With Travly, multiple travel options such as Buses, Rickshaws, Taxi or Cargo services are just a few clicks away.
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    Bus Routes, Estimated Arrival Times and Nearest Bus Stop

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    Hassle and bargaining free rickshaw right at your doorstep

  • Travly Logistics

    Cargo services made reliant and easy

How it works

All your transportation and logistics solutions under a single roof

Travly Users

Travly provides a comprehensive solution for transportation and logistics needs of its users. With a variety of transport options to choose from, users can select the most suitable solution for their requirements.

Travly Servers

The Travly servers, powered by advanced algorithms, work tirelessly to find the nearest bus, rickshaw or cargo service based on the user's request.


This results in quick and efficient service that is accessible to users at all times. To enhance the user experience, Travly has also integrated its services with popular social media platforms, including Instagram, to provide real-time updates and results. Whether you are in need of a ride to your next destination or looking to transport goods, Travly has got you covered.

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