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SAFE - Vetted drivers and trackers installed in every rickshaw.

AFFORDABLE - Cheaper than other services and rickshaws on the road.

RIDE SURETY - Having a large fleet of drivers, a replacement will be provided if your regular driver is unavailable.

RIDE SHARING - Tag along with friends & family to share ride to work/school to divide travel cost.

ACTIVE SUPPORT TEAM - Our support team is available round the clock to cater to your queries and requests.

Customer Reviews

Ayesha Ahmad

I have been travling on rickhaws for quite some time whether it comes to university or work. But, they have always been a pain because of their availabilty of timings. I was surfing net the other day when i got to know about travly. I am a regular customer of travly now. The reason behind me being a regular customer is their outstanding service and loyalty. No matter what the time is , they will arrange a ride which will be at your doorstep at the given time. Plus most of the drivers are extremely well behaved and courteous. "Hands-down" the best transpotation service in town. Way to go tuk tuk

Naasha Ali Shah

Sasti aur miyari at its best! needed to take my newly bought bicycle from Cavalry to Wapda and was scared that I'd have to ride all the way in this damn heat if it won't come on a riksha. but then came travly to the rescue! they assured me that the cycle will board the riksha (as it did) and ride was on time and inexpensive. not only that but I felt totally safe. they kept contact on sms and checked with the driver where he was going also. driver (a mr.Ali) even told me there was a tracker in the riksha; plus, he was very courteous. cheerios travly!! I will be calling tomorrow to travel to work as there is rain predicted and I can't ride my cycle if its pouring down...

Maryam Kirmani

Today I used travly at last and was not disappointed at all. In fact it was a amazing experience. Felt delightfully strange that you don't need to stand by the road side and fight with rikshaw driver on fare. True to their words the Rikshaw came within 15 minutes,was very clean and took me to my destination with no arguments on fare. All this time travly guys were in touch with me on SMS. Great